Our Story

April had more than 15 years of experience developing customized training programs for a wide range of clients when she conceived of an elite, boutique fitness facility unlike any other in London. In August 2015, April chose the former McCormick’s Hobby Shop near the corner of Oxford and Richmond streets to realize this dream. She and her husband Jeff spent the next nine months carefully transforming the building into a high-performance fitness studio and developing her Hi-Ignition team!

Why You Will Successfully Achieve Health & Fitness at Hi-Ignition Fit Lab
With a combination of private and small group training, along with our group fitness program, we aim to help build a personalized schedule that will fit the busiest of lifestyles!

1. Health & Fitness For Busy Lifestyles

Fitness goals don’t need to conflict with busy lifestyles! Our intense classes range from 30, 45 & 60 minute classes. Our personal fitness trainers maximize your workout so you can minimize the amount of time you spend in our fitness studio!

2. the Best health and fitness instructors

Our trainers are our stars! We have exceptional personal trainers and wellness coaches, with unique training backgrounds and varied fields of expertise. Ask our clients – they will agree that our fitness instructors are the best you can find in London! No wonder; we spend a lot of time and effort to ensure they receive the best possible education, training, and are up-to-date on the latest health and fitness information.

3. the Best health and fitness Tools

You need the best tools to get the best results. We only use high-end, commercial-grade equipment designed to withstand hours of hard-working clients and class participants. Our cardio studio is equipped with Woodway treadmills, TrueForm Runners, water rowers, Octane LateralX machines, and StagesSC3 indoor spin bikes. We take every step to ensure our equipment is always clean, maintained, and working at the highest level possible.

4. Nutrition advice to improve your health

Regular exercise is important, but according to research nutrition has the largest impact on our fitness. Our wellness coaches are all highly experienced in knowing what is best for your body, as well as understanding the pros and cons of various diet “fads”. They will work to create personalized nutrition guides and meal plans for you while you’re working through your wellness journey too! Each nutrition program will be personalized to meet your specific needs based on your health history, lifestyle, preferences, goals, dietary limitation, and in-depth symptom analysis.

5. a beautiful fitness facility

Working out is so much easier if you do it in a new, clean, and state-of-the-art fitness studio! We put extra effort into making sure our facility is in tip-top shape at all times. We pride ourselves on keeping our studios and equipment in an orderly, clean, and easy-to-use state every time you work out. In addition to that, we also aspire to remove any of the annoying obstacles that seem to make attending a group fitness class a bigger pain in the butt than necessary by supplying extra amenities you simply won’t find in other fitness studios, including:

Heated floors in our changerooms
Shampoo, condition, body wash supplied in all shower units
Lockers available for use or long-term rental
Locks available for rent or purchase
All mats and props for yoga/JOGA/barre classes
Onsite shoe storage for personal training clients
Socks available for purchase at a low cost
Onsite parking and free street parking within a 3-5 minute walk
All personal training and group fitness packages can be shared between members of the same household

6. the recipe to success

We are here to help you build your own personal health and fitness recipe for success! Our fitness instructors give personalized attention to our clients, and provide one-on-one coaching that fits any client’s specific needs. We also pride ourselves on creating a welcoming fitness community for our clients by offering smaller class sizes. With these smaller classes, you get to know your instructors and trainers on a first-name basis, along with your regular classmates! We are also family-friendly and encourage our participants to bring the entire family to take part in their healthy lifestyle transition.

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